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Located in the heart of the residential areas of Christmas Island, the Centre is open to the public for general business 8am to 2pm Mondays to Fridays, Christmas Island time. The Centre provides information to link you with the local community and local services and is the hub for Goverment Information Access. 
The Centre is located at the Old Technical School building, 1 Lister Place Poon Saan, Christmas Island.


About Us

Originally opened in 1997, as the Christmas Island Neighbourhood Centre Incorporated, the purpose of the organisation was to be involved in fostering community-based learning, in which community members shared responsibility for programming, organisation and the management of the activities, and to promote and strengthen positive relationships between the different ethnic groups on Christmas Island.

Throughout the years, the organization had paved the way for the forming of a variety of associations which still successfully operate until today, which include the Christmas Island Arts & Culture, the Christmas Island Day Care, and the Christmas Island Charities, whom have now become their own legal entities – and initiatives such as the "ReCIcle"Project, the Op Shop, the Toy Library, and the Community Garden. 

In 2018, the Centre had changed its model due to a change in the Service Delivery Agreement provided for the Indian Ocean Territories, and thus began to trade as the Christmas Island Community Resource Centre. The purpose of the Community Resource Centre is to be the hub for the access to government information and community information, and to undertake community, business and economic development activities. 

To date the organisation operates under these objectives:

  1. To provide educational and cultural opportunities in response to community needs.

  2. To promote and strengthen positive relationships between different cultural groups.

  3. To promote the well-being and care of individuals, families and children ensuring equal access for all.

  4. To create an environment in which personal and community development can take place in a friendly neighbourhood context breaking down barriers and isolation.

  5. To allow community members to contribute to programming, organisation and management. 

Key Stakeholders

  • Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

  • Indian Ocean Territories Administration Office - Christmas island

  • Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and

  • Office of the Administrator - Christmas Island

  • Shire of Christmas Island

  • Indian Ocean Territories Health Service

  • Christmas Island District High School

  • State Government Agencies with IOT Service Delivery Agreements

  • Local Small Businesses 

  • Local Not For Profit Organisations and Associations

  • Christmas Island Community Groups

About Christmas Island 

The Island, People and Culture

Christmas Island is an Australian external territory, known as the Indian Ocean Territories, and is located in the Indian Ocean, around 350 kilometres (220 mi) south of Java and around 1,550 kilometres (960 mi) north-west of the closest point on the Australian mainland.

The culture of Christmas Island is unique, for people of many different ethnicities inhabit the area. Historically, the majority of Christmas Islanders were those of Chinese, Malay, and Indian origins, the initial permanent settlers; as a result, they have significantly influenced the local culture. Today, the majority of residents are Chinese, with significant numbers of European Australians and Malays as well as smaller Indian, Eurasian communities too. The main languages of Christmas Island are English, Malay and Chinese. Religious beliefs are diverse and include IslamChristianity, Catholism, BuddhismTaoism, and Confucianism. There is a mosque, a Catholic church, a Bahá'í centre, a number of Chinese temples, as well Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian places of worship on the island. There are many religious festivals celebrated on the island, such as Chinese New Year, Cap Goh Mei, Mooncake Festival, Hari Raya, Hari Raya Haji, Christmas and Easter. Aside from religious celebrations, Christmas Island also celebrates it's identity with events like Territory Day - the celebration of Christmas Island becoming part of Australia. 


Up-coming CRC Activities


The CI Emergency Management Committee has announced that public gatherings are allowed of up to 100 people at a venue. We are now planning your COMMUNITY EVENTS that we all love! 

Keep a look out for our event adverts on the Islander and social media. 

Please do respect our event rules as we try to make the events as safe as possible, following the COVID-19 Safety Plan. 

The CICRC team wishes you all stay safe, healthy and out of harms way.


Friday 31st - CICRC Open House, Hari Raya. "Grand opening of the new and improved CRC" 

Venue: Old Tech School 

Start: 6pm




Sunday 27th - Casino To Cove Run (Mini CI Marathon) 

Starting point at CI Resort, Finish line at the Cove

Starts: 8am

This event To Be Confirmed

Come visit us and we'll help you build

    your network with the islanders     



 CICRC office hours:            Mondays - Fridays  8am to 2pm         

 Op Shop hours:                  Mondays - Fridays 9am to 12pm         

                                             Saturdays & Sundays 10am to 12pm   

             UPDATE: Op Shop now open Mondays to Thursdays as regular hours                                and Saturdays are by APPOINTMENT ONLY, until further notice.                    

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Contact Us

Christmas Island Community Resource Centre is your local community centre. Let us know what we can do for you. 

Contact us on

Phone: +618 9164 7249 

Mobile: +61487 195 633 


Old Tech School, 1 Lister Place Poon Saan, Christmas Island 6798

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