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Our Head Staff

Hafiz Masli


Someone who wears many hats, and sits in many committees and councils, and also a member of many other local organisations, Hafiz has been a great contributor to our organisation in networking the community at a personal level.

Lucia Fernandez

Project Officer

Lucia has been with the centre almost from the beginning of when the centre first open, so have now more than 10 years of experience in the sector behind her. Her contribution to the centre has resulted with countless of success in "bringing people together" and breaking down barriers.

Our Executive Committee


Darren Marsh


Darren once worked with the Centre in the early days, and have been in the Community Service sector for many years. He is a volunteer with the St. Johns Ambulance and his career in IT allows him to be at the forefront of technology updates. This is his second term sitting as the Chairperson.

CICRC Committee Members 2020


   Darren Marsh: Chairperson   

Oliver Lines: Vice Chairperson

        Jeanie Ku: Treasurer        

      Kyle Williams: Secretary     

     Lucia Marsh: Committee     

       Nora Koh: Committee       

   Shahfik Johari: Committee   

  Narelle Whatley: Committee 

 Norezuan Melan: Committee 


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