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Our Building

The Christmas Island Community Resource Centre is located within the Old Technical School building. Our Centre has 3 main sections:

The Project Room - ("RecCIcle Project" Workshop, Video Conference Room/Studio, Activities Hall, Kitchen Area, Business Info Board, IOT Government Info Board)         

    The Shop Front - (Op Shop, CRC Front Desk, Australian Government Access Info Board, Community Info Board)              

      The Fish Bowl - (Administration/Staff Office, Internet & Printing Station, Government Access Info Computer)                  

About The Old Technical School

The Old Technical School building is one of Christmas Island's treasured listed heritage building, built during the Colonial times and holds a historic and sentimental value to the local community of Christmas Island. The building was historically a college for the training and schooling, provided only for the Asian population, in the areas of trades and other technical qualifications, to support those who wish to pursue further studies. The physical setup of the building were divided into workshop areas and classrooms.  



where our programs and activities are held. 

The Project Room shares with the Recycle Project Workshop and the Music Studio, (which is currently the Conference Room for our Video-conferencing service - sponsored by DPIRD). 

The Project Room also include the exterior storage shed connected to the building, which stores all the equipment for community events and some equipment for our service of hiring out equipment to public. 



Welcome to the

Christmas Island 

Community Resource Centre

located in one of the island's iconic heritage building

known as the

Old Technical School

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